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Come back for more information on Future writing groups starting in September

A meditation group based in Insight Meditation will be offered in September in person, in Vancouver, WA. More to come about this. This group is not related to writing, but as we all know, meditation can help our writing, among many other aspects of life.

Writing for Everyone
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Perhaps you have arrived here unwittingly or on purpose.  Either way, you are most welcome. Here everyone is a writer. 

This is a place to find your way with your own words, in a safe place. 
The groups offered are geared to never writers, sometimes writers, writers who think that they can't write, writers who don't know why they are writing, writers who know exactly why they are writing and writers who just write, just because.  

All are welcome

When we step aside ego and move with a creative process, all kinds of possibilities arise.  It is likely that you will surprise yourself with what you write.

The groups are based on Pat Schneider's Amherst Writers and Artist method, Each group has no more than 8 participants and they are taught by myself, Ellen Stern.

Groups are offered for varying numbers of meetings.  Some 6 weeks, some 3, some one time.

Check back for the most current offering or contact me.


NSIGHT MEDITATION GROUP This is an in-person offering to be held in Vancouver, starting in September. By donation $1-10. More information to come

Let’s Write!