red and white stop sign

So Long, Farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu, goodbye… 

Needless to say, but I will anyway, the reference to The Sound of Music and those fascist times is not a mistake.

I’m a nobody when it comes to social media. But in Facebook’s infinite wisdom, I’m so very dangerous that I’ve been banned from Facebook marketplace for placing an ad to sell an Ikea couch which I own! They say I have violated Facebook policy which is a bit hard to say without feeling a laugh bubble up. At the same time, they’ve told me that someone has been trying to use my account. So I don’t know if they’ve used it and changed my ad or what.

My violation is so bad that when I try to go to Facebook Marketplace, all I can see is an icon that says you are banned from buying or selling in Facebook Marketplace.

I’ve emailed them many times, and they keep telling me that I’m in violation and send links that explain no nudity, no racist comments, etc. They give me no possibility to see the ad and change it. I have asked if they have looked at who I am, what they see about me on FB. They would see that all I want to do is be of service, help others feel better.

Fighting FB is not what I want to spend my energy on. I’ve been trying to leave Facebook for a while. I got more active again as a way to promote the small writing groups I facilitate. Now I’m going to take this as the final shove to just leave. And as I understand it, leaving isn’t all that easy.

All that said, if you know me and want to stay in touch, you’ve got my email. or contact me here on my site.

And if you want to know how I really feel, watch this. If you just want to jump to the heart of it, go to 3 minutes:

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