Distance in 3 Attacks

Distance Attack 1

If I took distance, it was for a reason.
Please don’t judge me.

My distance is not about you.
I circle out onto the street to keep a distance as you pass by.
And, this is all about me.

I didn’t take distance because you are a different color than I.
I didn’t take distance because you are a stranger.
And I didn’t take distance because you could harm me.

My distance is, as said, all about me.
I don’t want to harm you.
I don’t want to get you sick. 

I don’t want to get sick.

Really, I hope that through my mask, you can hear me say hello and see my eyes smile.

Distance Attack 2

Distance is a measure taken to be safe, to have space, to be apart from.
Distance is now a commonly used word. Social distance now has collective meaning.

Now it carries the weight of the world.

Understood all over the world,

In every corner of the world.
It is a shared experience that this planet has never had. 

It is a concept that must be explained to small children.

It is a concept, said differently, when commonly used in a therapy session, but uncommonly used in other places.
It could be used as a way to set boundaries with someone causing you trouble.
Now it is used to keep people safe, free from contagion.

Distance Attack 3

She always thought distance was a bad thing.
It disconnected her heart from her head.
She was still learning how to discern a reasonable distance from others.
Her therapist was helping her with this as she explained what boundaries were in a relationship.

And then in a matter of days, March 13, 2020,  the momentous pandemic took over. 

She was forced to take a distance from others.
It was no longer an idea to study,
it was a thing that was a necessity.

It was good as a protection from some things and terrible as a way of life.
She wanted to be the best at discerning boundaries, an expert, and now everyone was a student of boundaries and distance.

She tried to stay calm and flexible in the face of forced distancing, but that was so very hard to do.
She humored herself with the knowledge that her dog’s leash was the 6-foot measure she should have between herself and others.
It was the first time she ever remembered the length of her dog’s leash, and now she would know it forever. And she would know the meaning of that distance. It would stick in her memory as a time when…