I always thought that listening within would be simple if I would just do it. Now I know doing it is hard, really hard, but as a good friend once said, “What else is there to do?”


The journey of listening deeply which started back in January,  moved me away from family and friends in California, back to the Midwest, back to the North Shore of Chicago. My purpose was to heal and reclaim something I may have left behind. It certainly was to re-feel life that I once new on the North Shore and see how it fit with me now.

The journey of listening deeply takes me to the nooks and crannies that lurk around the corners of my thoughts, where pockets of solitude lie. Sometimes I can think that I am doing nothing and feeling everything and forget there are pockets of solitude.

Just before I turn to listen deeply, and turn towards the whispering voice, I can experience nausea that makes me want to change channels or go do something else.  I am sure that the whispers I am hearing cannot possibly be directing me onto the right path, and it definitely must be wrong because I feel so riddled with a disquiet. But over and over, when I listen and just allow the discomfort, the nausea of anxiety goes away and I am happier and comforted by the direction I have turned.

Listening deeply has been a nagging desire inside me for too many years.



  1. batmeier53 says:

    Your writing is so beautiful.
    I have truly enjoyed reading about your journey…

    1. E. Stern says:

      Thank you so much Barbara! It has gotten more difficult to write, but I am pressing ahead.

  2. Carol says:

    Thinking of you Ellen. Enjoy this adventure you are on and know we are all cheering you on, wherever the path may lead.
    With love,
    Carol L.

    1. E. Stern says:

      Thanks so much Carol. Hope all is well with you.

  3. betseyc says:

    I laughed out loud at ‘what else is there to do?’ What profound question! And so many layers to it, including being funny. Love to you!

    1. E. Stern says:

      Ha, I know!
      I have been thinking about you.
      Hope all is well with you.
      With love 😉

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