“To hold something sacred means valuing something enough to let it change you.” Vijayendra Mohanty

This is an exploration, an experiment; my experiment.  It started with the experience of more doors closing than opening and the realization I didn’t want life to feel so hard.

What if it was Sacred is about change and the unpleasantries of knowing what I need to do and the work it takes to listen to that.  It’s about listening to the quiet voice that says this is the right thing to do even though you are full of anxiety.  Do this even though you will shock people, do this because it is the freedom you long for.  Because you know that deep down it comes from the very wisest place inside you.  It is the constant voice that always hangs around the edges of each idea, of each action and reaction.  And, it says, listen to me, listen to Me. It offers up possibilities that seem completely impossible, crazy, absolutely out of the question. And it talks in whispers getting incrementally louder until it is screaming at me. Do something. Do It. Just do it.